iPhone 6 Security and Performance Tricks You Didn’t Know

Apple plunged themselves into yet another rivalry with their Android Smartphone rivals like the sort of Samsung. Apple holds a significant advantage as the launch of their biggest Smartphone technologies come in a season closer to the Christmas festivities. The launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus encountered sales that exceeded 21 million in the US and as the launch of these amazing Smartphone technologies enter the UK markets, no one knows what the sales could hike to.

This winter, iPhone 6 are definitely the must have smartphones in UK and you are most likely to purchase one as a Christmas gift. If that is the case, then there’s a lot for you to learn about these smartphones as that will help you enjoy the best user experience possible. The following are the top 5 tips and tricks that will be essential for you to get the most out of your iPhone 6 devices in terms of security and performance.

Disabling control center access

When using any Smartphone, security should be your greater concern. Quite a lot of money was spent via smartphones between the months of May and July in UK and that particular should make it imperative to consider safe browsing via your Smartphone. A recent flaw detected in iOS 7 devices revealed that the lock screen of iPhone can be easily bypassed within seconds. However, this can be prevented since a user is more vulnerable when the control center is run from the lock screen. If you are using iOS 7, simply go to “Settings” and disable the control center access to safeguard your device as you wait upgrading to iOS 9 in iPhone 6s.

Enabling accessibility feature for young kids

Kids love to explore new things as they play along with gadgets. If you have your iPhone 6 with kids around, it can be problematic especially if they are allowed to access your phone and inadvertently delete some invaluable information. By enabling “Guided Access” through Settings >General>Accessibility. This feature can help guard your phone from harm when mishandled by younger children.

Enabling complex passcodes

As an iPhone user, it is more important to protect your sensitive data following the recent iCloud security breach. One of the most efficient but underestimated methods of protecting your device from data breach is through the use of longer passcodes that include alpha-numeric characters. This is because such passcodes are usually very tough to bypass. All you have to do is to disable “Simple Passcode” in your setting. The simple passcode feature makes a four digit passcode restriction. You can access it via Settings>General>Passcode Lock.

Use iPad adaptor to quickly charge your iPhone

There are occasions when you will need to have your phone quickly charged when you are losing track of the outstanding battery charge. You can achieve that with your iPhone 6. Simply use an iPad adaptor to charge your iPhone 6 faster and more efficiently. As long as you can get your phone to charge on short but sharp bursts using a powerful adaptor on a regular basis, the battery can be charged quickly without damage to the long-term performance.

Make use of the Battery Usage tool

The battery life is significantly a great determinant to the sale of the most contemporary smartphones. iPhone 6 features a Battery Usage tool which provides a brief breakdown of the applications that consume most of the power on a daily basis. This feature is very simple but very functional and can help you in battery life optimization as well as saving much of the energy lost through the background apps frequently running. To access the feature, go to Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage.