Updating To iOS 9: Here’s What You Should Know

Apple iOS 9 recorded improved stability and cross device compatibility, supporting both mobile phones and tablets. This mobile operating system features a range of built in apps that are redesigned and newly developed. It supports more multi-tasking for iPads than ever before, plus the 3D Touch Screen featuring motion wallpapers for the new iPhone 6 releases.

Launch date

Apple announced the official launch of the iOS 9 to be 16th September, 2015. The updates will also be available for download for devices already running iOS 8, about two weeks earlier to the release of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus. For those who had signed up for the iOS testing, they are already running the public beta version. The best part of it is that, although the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be expensive, the iOS 9 updates will be available for free and users will be able to download and install it for free as soon as it is launched.

Is it possible to download iOS 9 now?

You probably asked this question if you are a bit impatient for the launch ahead of the coming week on Wednesday. You can still download the gold master edition which is available for developers while the public beta version which is available for typical users from the website of Apple. Take not though, that the beta version is not the most stable version, but it does have almost everything that iOS 9 is featured to have. The only thing that is missing is Apple Pay Store Rewards Card app, which is yet to be launched.

Compatibility of iOS 9

iOS 9 has been proven to be more compatible with a wide range of Apple devices as compared to the previous versions of iOS. Apple is working on making iOS 9 compatible with the older iPods, iPads and iPhones. The good news is that if your device can run iOS 8, then no worries as it can also run iOS 9. As for now, the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s are at a better position.

The smarter Siri

The Siri in iOS 9 is gathering much needed smartness to rival with Google Now. The new personal assistant from Apple understands quite a variety of words within context and brings in proactivity to the mobile operating system. The Siri in iOS 9 can suggest appointments that can be added to the calendar and can pull up photos depending on the time and location guided by your voice. Most of the new interesting features of Siri have been announced for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, quite unfortunate for lower devices. Apple reports that the new Siri has already received more than a billion requests within a week. That figure is expected to increase as iOS 9 is expected to make Siri faster and more accurate by 40%.

Apple Pay expanded

This mobile payment platform has finally made its way into the UK after recording an enormous success in the US over the past 11 months. The app where Apple Pay resides has been renamed to Wallet while the Touch ID fingerprint scanner for Apple Pay has been made twice faster. There are quite a number of features on the expanded Apple Pay which are enough to compete against Samsung Pay featured in Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be launched in 28th September.
There’s a lot to be mentioned concerning iOS 9 redesigned and new features. Some of the new features include the replacement of the Newsstand application with News, multitasking for iPads, keyboard improvements, Wi-Fi fixes, improved battery performance among others. It’s certainly the best mobile operating system to go for if you can update, or make an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus purchase as soon as they are available for purchase.